Fuckyouverymuch, Verizon, and your broken promises

So last year, Verizon announced that no more unlimited data for plans starting after June something-or-other. But if you got in before then, you were good to go - grandfathered in even if you upgraded your phone in the future.

Well apparently the future has ended, because they’ve just announced that nope, that was a lie.

Anyone upgrading after June 28th of this year either says bye-bye to that plan, or has to pay full price for a new phone.

Hey, everyone wins, right? :rolleyes:

In fact I haven’t crunched the numbers. But their argument “more people can connect, yay!” is dubious at best.

Fact is, if you were planning on getting a smartphone, you were ready to work the finances under their current plan. This won’t make me go out and get another one for another family member. And if you’ve got one data hog in the family, they’re going to grab up all the bandwidth and cause trouble for your line.

I actually don’t have a problem with a shared data allowance - I think it’s a long time coming. My husband and I don’t use that much data (as in, the only times we’ve gone over 2 gig were when travelling and using the maps etc. extensively). But we now have a kid on our plan, and kids tend to chew up the data, and I’d sure like to be able to continue to monitor his usage separately from ours and throttle him (figuratively!!) if he starts blowing the limits.

Most, if not all smart phones track their own usage as far as I am aware. Suspect Kiddo Zappa is using all you’re data? Just check their phone.

To me their data bucket sizes are very lacking, what is a 1gb bucket for a family plan? that’s like bringing a bucket of KFC home to the family that only has one piece of chicken in it.

What if they called it the “Extra large super-duper big ginormous bucket”

(and it still only had one piece of chicken in it)

That sounds better, eh?

It is really strange to set the bar at 1gb of data when that is the minimum iPad data plan and, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I had been under the impression that the smartphone data plan was for 2gb per month.

I see the 1gb plan is $90, but OH WOW, they do have a cheaper plan* which allows 300mb of data** for only $80! :rolleyes:

  • For certain values of ‘cheaper’ that rely on the fact that a slight decrease IS ‘cheaper’ and not on values that most people would consider to be more affordable.
    ** You looked at a web page? Got a couple of emails? You’re done.

Hmm, upon further examination…

“$40 for phone access and $50 for 1 GB”

Where the old iPad data plan was $30 for 2gb. :dubious:

“Customers can add a basic phone, laptop and tablet to share data for $30, $20 and $10, respectively”

So THIRTY BUCKS per extra phone on the line? This is epic level gouging, if you ask me, and I don’t even own a smart phone and am not a Verizon customer.

This will be interesting. I want to see how Sprint and AT&T react, pricing wise, when the bills and data caps start smacking people in the ass.

This reminds me of when Chase started charging monthly fees for their “free checking for life!” accounts. To be fair, it was started by another bank, which they ate, but the second they went back on that promise I closed my account with them. I don’t expect ginormous corporations to be acting in my best interest, but I do expect them to keep their word, even if it was stupid to promise it in the first place.

I doubt Verizon was actually losing money on their unlimited data plan – they probably just weren’t raking it in as fast as they wanted to. But even if they were, $90.00/month for 1GB seems unreasonably miserly. “But it’s a shared plan!”, they say. Yeah, so you can share a reduced amount of data with more people. Yay!

I’ve been planning on getting a smart phone in the near future, but the recent round of price hikes has me reconsidering. I already pay Verizon $140/month for their FIOS triple play. If I indulge in a smart phone, it looks like I’d be paying just about $250/month for utilities that largely didn’t even exist when I was born (OK, phone did, but certainly not cell). That $250 would eclipse those less essential utilities I pay – namely water, electricity, garbage collection and heat.

For what Verizon’s asking, I think I can wait until I get home to find out if someone’s wrong on the internet.

I went from Verizon to Sprint for exactly these same reasons.

I don’t understand why Verizon wins customer service awards. I was never impressed by their quality of customer service when I called, and Sprint is $30 a month cheaper for my family plan.

Also, I have unlimited data for the smartphones on the plan.

The hilarious thing is that Verizon and AT&T are making money hand over fist. They pay fat dividends. They could be using all those billions of dollars in profit to upgrade the cell network and the existing towers to handle more data and make a bigger ‘footprint’. Instead, the money all goes to 401K plans and rich investors.

Whatever. Rich old rural white people RUN this country, and rich old rural white people fear the internet, for the most part, so I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

I’d like to be able to drop Verizon and we only have two regular old cell phones. Which cost us over $65 a month. But I travel all over by car and seriously need to have the security of being able to call and receive calls anywhere. When the other companies have that sort of coverage, I can switch - but then, they will probably cost as much as Verizon!

Any word if ATT plans on doing this? Because I don’t know what I’ll do without my unlimited data plan.

Verizon and Sprint use the exact same cell network for phone calls. Data is different, but you don’t have smartphones, so it’s probably not going to affect you.

If you’re going to switch, make sure you get well-reviewed phones. Some phones get terrible signal quality, some get great quality. There’s also the issue of loudness of the phone, durability, and reliability.

I don’t have anything to add about the plans themselves, but if you have wi-fi at home, make sure you turn it on on your phone. If you’re on a wi-fi network, it won’t count against your data plan.
But with that, I’ve found that it kills that battery when it’s hunting for a signal, so turn it off when you leave the house (unless you’re going to let it connect somewhere else).

You left out the money that goes to lobbyists and outright bribes for legislation and regulations to keep the gravy train rolling. They’ve been squatting on their infrastructure for years without making any real effort to improve it (let alone expand it into areas with lower population density), while raising prices and reducing service. The only time they upgrade something is when it interferes with the cash flow or falls apart in a way that pisses off huge numbers of people at once.

The telecom industry is rotten, riddled with corrupt, shortsighted scum. They’re like the RIAA/MPAA, desperately fighting progress because they see it as a threat to their cash cows.

We’ve never had a cell phone, but we were thinking we might have to get one soon to prepare for the future in which there are no land lines (it’ll take us that long to read the manual [if it indeed comes with a manual]), but shit like this has made us decide we can live without any type of phone service just fine, TYVM, just to avoid making these bastards any richer. I don’t know why you all put up with their shenanigans.

The real problem isn’t data, the real problem is SMS, voice, international dialing. The stuff that used to carry the telcos, aren’t carrying the telcos any more, due to the internet. So, the telcos need to monetise the internet, and the obvious way is to meter data. If this drives people back to SMS, yay win (unlikely).

Telcos will have to charge more, a lot more, for data soon, to make up for their lost revenues in their core services. You can complain about it, but I don’t see any other way.

Bear in mind: with that 30 dollar / 2gb plan, you’re also paying a separate fee for the phone minutes and texts. The cheapest plan right now is 450 minutes for 40.00, plus 10 for 1000 texts, plus 30 for 2 gig of data, so that’s 80 dollars - for more data.

All in all, I think the new plan is a VERY bad deal for a single user.

I don’t know if a current single user (who’s not unlimited right now) would be able to upgrade their data bucket later on if they need more data.

In all honesty, with the way our data usage has been (my husband and I each rarely exceed 1 gig) it’s quite possible we’d save money under the new plan. For three of us, that’s 120 for the phones, plus let’s say 70.00 for data (guessing at prices here), or 190.00. A family share plan with 700 minutes right now would be 200.00 (including 30.00 unlimited texting - which for us is a bad deal as my husband and I simply don’t send that many texts - we’ve got 250 apiece for 5.00 apiece and never go near that).

I’m just pissed that they made a promise a year ago, and are now breaking it.

They do - and I can also monitor it online (and will be doing so regularly!!).

OK, I don’t follow this at all.


AT&T pays a 6% dividend. They’re doing just fine.

What’s all this about having to charge more for data?

Actually, the cost of transmitting data, wirelessly OR wired, generally goes DOWN over time, kind of like Moore’s Law.

Remember back when a T-1 line, which has a max bitrate of about 1.5 Mbps, was $400 a month? That was just 12-15 years ago or so.

Now you can get 24 Mpbs downstream for $60 or so.

Wireless data is no different, if you realize that all the old unlimited plans with AT&T and Verizon were designed for PRE-iPhone, pre-Android devices. The iPhone eats so much data that it killed AT&T’s wireless data network. Yes, you could no longer get unlimited data for $30, but unlimited data on a 2006 smartphone is VERY different than the same thing on an iPhone 4S, for instance.

So, even with wireless data, the actual cost-per-unit-of-data-transferred goes DOWN over time.

The only way this will CHANGE is if the people in power actually care about it. Since the esteemed 80-year-old Senator Motherfucker from BFE doesn’t even exactly know what a smartphone IS, let alone actually own one, and is also hearing scary stories about the Internet from other rich/powerful 80-year-olds, yeah, this ain’t changing soon.

In contrast, most of the pre-WWII generation in Europe was killed off in the war, so the generation running things there is noticeably younger and more tech-savvy…and they have better data coverage, too. MUCH better.

Also, our bicameral system (which gives the Senate more power than the House) gives rural citizens much more power here than in Europe. This tends to slow the growth of consumer technology here, because rural people are less likely to know or care about the latest consumer technology. Note that I say consumer technology, not military or industrial tech.