Fuel Cells

Perhaps someone here will have better information than what I’ve found on the web so far.

How difficult would it be to obtain the liquid hydrogen necessary to power a fuel cell? Can this be purchaced from directly from a company? One more question: how much would a small fuel cell designed to power a house cost? My thanks to whoever posts in advance. :slight_smile:

Good Lord, you don’t buy liquid hydrogen to power a fuel cell. You use alcohol or petroleum or some such product and catalysts in the cell liberate the hydrogen for instant use.
Sorry, I don’t know what a house sized one costs, but a little web browsing should tell you. One big enough to power a bus is inexpensive enough that bus services can afford them, at least in some pilot programs. I think a bus needs 10 to 20 times the power that an electrically heated home needs.

Check here for some answers to your questions. Even though I’m not directly involved with it, my company is doing quite a bit of R&D on fuel cells. If you have any further questions, I’ll ask our fuel cell guru, who holds 5 or 6 patents in fuel cell technology development. Granted, these would be general fuel cell questions I would ask him, nothing of a secret or proprietary nature. Not that we’re doing anything secret anyway. Trust me.