Fuel consumption of Jaguar XJ aka Daimler Super Eight

I’m shopping for a car and fell in love with a thing called Daimler SUPER 4,0 V8 LWB 4.0 V8 267 kW supercharged (1998).

That 4.0 V8 267 kW supercharged… made me think about my wallet. For the life of me, I cannot find any fuel consumption figures. Looking around on the net only told me that it was also called Jaguar XJ. So, how much fuel does it guzzle?

Try www.fueleconomy.org, and click “Compare Side by Side.”

Click “1999” and then “Jaguar.” There are a couple of models there that begin with “XJ~”, so I don’t know which one is the one you like.

Thanks! Found it.

Man… 16 MPG… I better find another car :frowning: