fuel prices

Fuel prices are high, even though the gas companies are making all time prophits even though reserves are at max and supply is not hampered.
The companies also exercise a price controll universally over the north american contenant, that is, the prices change every where at the same time and sometimes several times a day. This is the exercise of a monopoly and it is illegal. Why is this allowed to happen as it is so detirmental to every one money wise. Well it is because our elected officials allow it to happen and so far with no reprocussions. What to do then?
The solution I see is to make the problem a campaign issue in the coming elections. On all levels as in local state and federal. Do not reelect or even initially elect or at least oppose on some level those who will not correct the problem. If this can be followed through and publisized correctly and if just a few politicians loose elections (their jobs) directly as a result then something will be done to correct the problem of gouging as the gas pumps.
Make noise, ask questions and follow through with the vote.

I think it should cost more, personally, even though it does sting a bit at the pumps. It would do more to encourage conservation and research into alternative sources instead of this willy-nilly over-consumption we like to pretend is some kind of right.

I completely agree with belladonna. The amount of gas Americans use is scary, and we need to start finding cheaper, renewable, and non-harmful products to get our cars goin’. The hybrids are a good start, but they depend on non-renewable resources just like most other cars.

I’d like to see a factory car that can run on vegetable oil, or maybe add some solar capabilities to current hybrids to use the gasoline engines even less.

I would love to see buying gas an option. Lower prices aren’t the answer… decreasing our dependence on it is the REAL solution.

One has nothing to do with the others. Fuel prices, like everything else, are a result of supply and demand. There is a high demand for oil, worldwide, and only a limited supply. Thus, prices rise.

Also, prices are not at historic highs when adjusted for inflation.

Do you know the definition of monopoly? Because oil companies certainly aren’t a monopoly. They also aren’t collaborating to keep prices high. Bill Clinton tried to pander to the ignorant by having the FTC investigate this around the 2000 election and quess what? The FTC came out and (very quietly) said there was no case whatsoever to be made that oil companies were conspiring to keep prices high.

In fact, there is widespread competition among gas stations as to who can charge the cheapest. Of course, some states like Maryland actually have laws that keep gas prices high by penalizing those stations that sell gas at a low price.

Government also keeps gas prices high by mandating the numerous fuel blends around the country. Gas sold in L.A. is not the same as gas sold in Chicago. Thus, if there is a problem with supply in one area of the counry gas from another area cannot be shipped there, resulting in higher prices for that area.

Furthermore, there are very high taxes on a gallon of gas. Eighteen cents goes to the feds and many states have gas taxes from twenty to thirty cents. That means that possibly over fifty cents a gallon is going in taxes for each gallon of gas you buy.

In many ways government, not the oil companies, is responsible for the high price of gas.

I was unaware that our elected officials are forcing people to use oil and are running the oil companies. I need to check their job descriptions.

And what “solutions” would you propose? You can’t simpy order oil companies to charge a certain price for oil or gas stations to charge a certain price for gas. Politicians have tried that and we ended up with gas lines back in the 1970’s.

This is not a political issue; it’s an economic issue. You don’t want to pay higher gas prices, then don’t drive as much. It’s that simple.

Write this on the blackboard twenty times: “The price of a gallon of gas is determined solely by supply and demand.” And then go from there.

Please give a CITE supporting “gas companies are making all time profits” along with “reserves are at max and supply is not hampered.” What was the point of spelling profits with a ph?

I don’t enjoy paying the higher prices, but in the end we will probably all be better off having to conserve and pay more attention to alternative sources of energy. At least IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean “…and by Opec”?

Taxes don’t have anything to do with it? :confused: