Full Moon Fever

Wow! There sure seems to have been a whole lot of wackiness on this board and in this world the past couple days.

I just looked up at the night sky and saw a full moon.

Do you believe there is any connection between a full moon and wacky behavior on Earth?

Have you got any stories to illustrate the connection(s)?

January’s full moon is traditionally called the Wolf’s Moon. Here is a list of all the names for the various kinds of full moons:

The native American names of moons stuff is total nonsense. Different tribes (and there were a lot of them) used different, quite flexible in timing, terms. Also, the Native Americans had no concept of January and therefore didn’t call a January moon squat.

It’s worse than assuming that they all had the same name for snow.

I’ve heard that the cops EMT/911 dont like working a full moon

This is true, but the facts haven’t strongly supported the notion. There’s a lot of confirmation bias involved. A busy night in the ER will have someone ask if there’s a full moon out. They’ll remember the night if there is, otherwise it just goes in the mix of random peaks that occur on any day of the month.

ah, yes, good point

The full moon absolutely has an effect on my behavior. I’m MUCH more likely to go outside at night to look at the moon when it’s full.

A few hundred years ago, maybe. Back then, people relied on natural light. They got up at the crack of dawn, and went to bed at nightfall. But around the full moon it could be quite bright at night. They’d stay up late and drink more. More booze + less sleep = cranky behaviour.

In modern times, with artificial light available, probably not.

I’ve seen some very screwy things going on under a full moon…

But, really, I think it’s just confirmation bias.

I was chatting with a caregiver at a mental hospital, and he said the patients get especially anxious and active under a full moon. But, again, this is very likely confirmation bias and not the result of a meaningful statistical study.

The moon is always ‘full’ the only difference is if the Earth is casting a shadow on it. It’s not like part of it is missing sometimes.

Having said that, if you get the chance to see Tom Petty GO, then buy tickets to the next city and see him again. I think I’ve seen him something like 9 or 10 times (in 3 states).

Anyone who is out messing around at night is going to have a much easier time doing it during the full moon and that’s when you’re calling the cops or the ambulances.

Also the earth only casts a shadow on the moon during eclipse; the reason the moon is dark is because the sun’s rays are hitting it at an oblique angle.

When the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, it’s an eclipse of the Moon. A less than full Moon is caused by the sun illuminating only a portion of the side of the Moon facing the Earth.

Wow until Joey P’s post I always thought part of the moon just disappeared and then grew back. Next thing you’ll tell me the moon isn’t made of cheese!

I hate to break it to you, but… no green cheese on the moon. If you look closely, you can see that it’s clearly a whitish cheese. Maybe something like brie.

With mold spots. Ew.

I used to be a crisis intervention counselor for a crisis/suicide hotline. Some of the other counselors swore there were more serious calls with a full moon, but I always suspected confirmation bias.

Surely they were aware of the seasons and the passing of time. They may not have called it January but I bet they had a concept of “the first full moon after the winter solstice.”

I must say that makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you.

The first full moon after the winter solstice could be in December or January.

And many tribes didn’t seem to time solstice/equinoxes. Some did track heliacal rising of stars. So, the first full moon after the heliacal rising of Sirius … maybe. But that’s sort of mid-August (YMMV based on latitude, etc.), so not really possible to match up things like this with months. And if your using a medicine wheel to mark heliacal risings, you got a better calendar than a lunar based one.

It does appear that some groups named months after notable, regular events such as when trees leaf out in the spring. But that can vary quite a lot (like two months) based on how far north or south you are.

Even though this thread is a couple days old, I keep thinking it’s going to be about the 1989 Tom Petty album.

From your post, I assume you think that Tom Petty puts on one of the best live shows ever. I like his music but I’d be curious to know what it is about his live shows that you feel are so spectacular.

I ask because I have heard the same thing said about some other performers - especially about The Boss. Several people I know just go nuts for his live shows and they tell me they guarantee I will never experience anything as wonderful as one of his live shows.

Can you tell us what it is about a Tom Petty live show that you find superior to one of The Boss’ live shows?

I’m asking you in total sincerity. I enjoy both Tom Petty & Bruce very much and I’d really like to know why you consider Petty to be so much better than The Boss. Of course, I’m assuming you feel that way based on your post. But I think that’s a fair assumption.