FullMetal Alchemist: 11/5 (Open Spoilers)

Its’ very easy to forget that Ed and Al are teenagers, but episodes like this drive it home.

So, was Dante Pride? She died, but if someone were out to get her they would have been prepared so that’s not out of the question. Is what’s her name Pride? That would explain how she came back to life after taking a sword (?) to the neck a few episodes back; however, she used alchemy and Greed didn’t seem to recognize her. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Did Sloth mention Pride by name? She just mentioned that the “old woman” created Greed.

Please be wary of spoilers. Many of us have only seen up to episode 34 (where Ed and Greed fight for the last time). Speculation is cool.

Humanculi are created when an alchemist unsuccessfully tries to bring back the dead to life.