Fun at the license bureau

Almost took this to the pit, but I laughed about it this AM, so it’s here.
My son is now driving age. Got his permit, been practicing. I took him for his behind the wheel test to get his license. I showed the tester proof of insurance, she says, “His name’s not on the policy, we can’t let him take the test.” She was right - I had just changed insurance carriers, my last one put the kids on the policy as soon as they were old enough to drive. New one doesn’t. Called the insurance company from drivers test office. They said, “We can’t insure him until he licensed.” Cops say “We can’t test him until he’s insured.” Back and forth…and I needed to get back to the office. Finally cop talked to insurance company, got it fixed. But, landogoshen, what a waste of a day! And he still hasn’t taken the test!

Wow, seal clubber! What an honor, to be the first person in the state to whom this has happened! Good thing you got them to talk to each other, now everything will get straightened out and this won’t happen to anybody else. In a perfect world. I have to wonder how often this happens in ours. q;}

Wait a second - what if you didn’t own a car but you wanted a license anyway - to rent cars and stuff? You couldn’t get one unless you had insurance? Bizarre.

I’ve been asked for proof of insurance when getting tags for my car but never when getting the license.

You have to show proof of insurance to get a license in this state (Louisiana). But since we haven’t had a new driver get a license here, just previously licensed drivers from another state, I don’t know if that would happen to a teenager or not.

Glad you got it resolved, and trust me, if that’s the worst tale of woe you have with a motor vehicle department, you’re way ahead of most of us!

Wait until you’ve gotten past the third trip, when prior to each trip you had gotten everything together that they told you to, but when you get there it’s still all wrong, and THEN you have the right to complain about the DMV. :smiley:

I know, it’s a pain. But you’ve only done ONE trip. Whiner.

I’m going back this week - stay tuned, this might end up in the pit yet.

Whiner yourself.