Fun Family Names!

Back in November I used both the and free trial offers and did some genealogy research. I found some fantastic and funny names generations ago. Anybody else care to share?

My personal favorites are the sisters in one particular branch: Selah Elvira, Arramintha Clementine, Louisa Almarinda, and Uriah Isabel. the other siblings had fairly normal names.

I also like Granberry/Greenberry (depending on which documents you look at); Pleasant (a man); Elfrieda; Venetta; the sisters Montie, Vernie, and Albertine; America Ann; and Jeptha

Hey! We had some Granberrys in our family, and a couple of branches mutated those to “Cranberry.” Also “Aquilla,” a few generations of “Grover Cleveland Lastname Sr./Jr./III/etc.” and my grandfather’s sisters, named Minnie and Maxie. (Plus the obligatory Beulahs, Berthas, Bessies, Addies, and Fannys.)

My favorite eccentric name group was the “State Sisters” (as I think of them): My grandmother’s grand-aunts were named Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

I want state aunts! Off the top of my head, my favorite is my great-great Aunt Alessendrina. It’s not much against Alabama, though.

I knew a guy growing up who had and uncle name a Santa, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

In my very rural family tree there are two Napoleons (one a Bonaparte as well) and a Leonidas.

Apparently we had delusions of grandeur.

I had a great-grandmother named Acenath, and three of my cousins were named Birdie, Birdella, and Birdeen (not from the same immediate families, I think), and a different three cousins (who were sisters) married three brothers named Sile, Press, and Pike.