fun lesson plan?

OK, so my classes have been working quite hard (I hope) on their research papers for several weeks. Today is the due date, and is also the last day before April vacation. Obviously I don’t want to start anything new right before a week off, and I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a fun class as a wind-down from their paper stress.

In the past I’ve done a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” type game, using stuff from class, e.g. one may only speak in prepositional phrases, the alphabet game using a scene from the literature they’ve read, etc. I wouldn’t mind doing that again, but I’m dry on topics. Or, I could use a whole new “fun” lesson, for situations like these.

Any ideas for new “Whose Line?” topics for an American Lit class, or other things the kids would enjoy?

Thanks in advance.

Since you’re looking for suggestions and not facts, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.