Fun math book for 6 year old?

My daughter has expressed interest in “reading about math.” Obviously this is something I’d like to encourage (especially given things like that Barbie that said, “Math is hard!”).

Is there anything at her level that isn’t just a workbook of math problems?

I confess that math was never my thing, so I’m a little out of my comfort zone.


The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

Not sure if this is a bit much for a six year old, but it starts very simple and gets more complex as it progresses.

you’re just going to have to trust me…
edit: a link where you can actually buy it. $2.50

Highlights to the rescue!

Yay! Thanks guys! I will try all of these. Even if the Number Devil is a little beyond her, she’ll grow into it. She’s already doing rudimentary work with equations and negative numbers, so I think she’ll catch on quickly!

I think she’ll love it. I didn’t buy it because my kids hate math, but I was enthralled at the bookstore for a while and almost bought it for myself. It tells fascinating things about numbers and math in a really fun, readable, format.

Here are some interesting-looking books I’ve stumbled across on while looking for interesting math reading. Since I neither have nor am a six-year-old, I’m not the target audience for them, so I’ve never actually read any of these, but the reviews are positive and they look like just the kind of thing you’re looking for:

Math Curse by John Scieszka
The Grapes of Math and other books by Greg Tang
the Sir Cumference books by Cindy Neuschwander

One Grain of Rice by Demi.