Fun With Children's Drawings. (:evil laugh:)

This guy takes children’s drawings and turns them into real paintings. shudder
This guy gives his personal comments on children’s drawings.
WARNING: Offensive language. But if you overlook it, the rest of it is pretty funny. There are also some NSFW thumbnail pics.

The second guy ripped off Maddox.


Well, he probably got the idea from Maddox. Or, did Maddox get the idea from him?

Wait a miniute! Did you just post 2 links having to do with children’s drawings?

Dammit! You ripped me off! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was uncalled for. Now I need counselling.

But for what it’s worth, that bit about Joseph’s cloven pig foot penis was great.

Maddox has been doing it for years, so it’s doubtful he’s the one who did the ripping.

Thank you so much for that first one. Seriously. That sucker got nipped into the bookmarks right quick - The Highwayman and I have a thing for offbeat and creepy art.

Well, if you can’t take a joke…

See, this :stuck_out_tongue: means I was joking. I thought it was funny that instead of enjoying the links I posted, or not enjoying them and just moving along, you got all huffy.

I was trying to take the joke by making one, but it didn’t come out right. :smack: Sorry.

Hello, it’s so nice of you to visit us. I hope you decide to stay. :slight_smile:

[NitPick] I just noticed that the copyright date on the “MyJokeMail” site is 1997. Whereas, the date on the “Maddox” site is 2002. Looks like Maddox is the ripper. [/NitPick]