Fun with Google

I use Google as my home page (, and just a bit ago, decided to try some of the additions you can make to it.

So, I clicked on Add stuff which brought me to page of options. I scrolled down and clicked on Famous Optical Illusions. This added to the Home Page that familiar illusion of the pretty young girl and the old hag, both in one drawing.

Nothing great there. But when I clicked on that drawing, I was brought to a page that showed a number of other illusions, many I’d never seen before. I then scrolled down and examined each to my heart’s content.

You might want to try this. It all seems harmless enough. Whatever you add to the page is easily removed. You simply go the upper right corner of the addition, and click the “X”.

There are a number of other additions you might want to try, and if you do, I hope you enjoy them all.

I am not a computer geek so I don’t know if this could prove harmful to your computer.