Fun with jets in the pool

Two questions

  1. I was floating in the my backyard pool flat on my back with almost my entire body submerged. The water was still. My head was a couple of inches from the edge of the pool. Suddenly I had a urge to pass gas. Instead of being propelled into the side of the pool to my surprise I actually moved away from the edge and to the direction of my feet. Does anybody know if this is correct? I thought I would be propelled head first.

  2. I placed a lid from a plastic tub on the return jet from the pool pump. The lid was about 1 foot by 2 feet in size. Instead of the lid being shot off the jet, it stuck on the jet and was difficult to remove. Does any know the physics of this?

Thanks for help,

  1. Dunno.

  2. Probably similar to “Paper, Pin, and Spool” on this page (scroll down)

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  1. A fart is the crookedest thing in the world. You aim for your feet, but it goes towards your nose. Ergo, you moved away from the side.

  2. Dunno. Sounds impossible. So, I suspect alcohol, or aliens.