Fun with the comparatives of certain adjectives

In some cases, adjectives can be dealt with numerically as in “John weighs twice as much as Linda” so John is twice as heavy as Linda. Maybe Linda weighs 100 and John 200. That’s logical and probably accurate since weighing zero pounds makes sense.

But there are other adjectives where numerical comparisons either don’t make sense or are just stupid. Like, since it’s 90 degrees outside it’s twice as hot as when it was 45.

But how about, “Mel is twice as ugly as Rhonda.”
“Donnie is twice as stupid as Kenny.”

Help me here. Surely there’s fun to be had…

Her eyes were several times as blue as her friend’s.
“I’m not half the man I used to be… there’s a shadow coming over me…”

But I’ll get over it; tomorrow, I’ll give it 110 percent of my best effort.