Fun with twins

I have a co-worker who is presently very pregnant with twins. I have been trying to convince her to put a little goatee on one and taking their picture, after they are born of course. So far she seems less enthusiastic to the idea than what I would call a “normal” person. I also suggested that she could switch the goatee so each one could be the “bad” one.

I can’t understand how she could let a great opportunity like this slip away. I’m worried that when she is in her declining years, sitting in her rocker, with the kids off living their lives, she will sigh and say…

“Damn, I wish I had taken a picture of the kids with a goatee!”

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I agree! Of course, the addition of solid red suits, little pitch forks and matching horns would make the look complete.

Man, that’s one family picture I wouldn’t want to miss. Or would it be better to set one on each shoulder and go for the competing heaven and hell motif?

“Hmmm… Now which voice should I listen to this time?!?” :smiley:

Get them shirts made saying, “I’m Bob he’s Tom” and “I’m Tom he’s Bob”.

Or have them wear buy one get one free stickers from the supermarket.

If I ever had twins (it apparently runs in my family) I am going to definitly do some of the things suggested!

Mrs. Kunilou would like to remind you that when one is “very pregnant with twins” one is less likely to be enthusiastic about ANYTHING than a “normal” person.

Mrs. Kunilou would also like to kick your butt for implying that a pregnant-with-twins co-worker is somehow less “normal”, but I’ll attribute that to defensiveness on her part.

Okay, now I actively want to have twins someday so I can dress them up as Spock and Evil Spock.

Tell her she should name them “Pete” and “Repeat.”

Sorry, old joke but I can never resist it when it comes to twins.