Fundies now trying to outbreed the rest of us. Talk about dysgenic pressure!

Apparently it’s not enough any more just to eschew abortion and birth control. Some evangelical churches are now preaching that their brand of Christians have a religious duty to have as many babies as possible so as to provide multitudes of soldiers for the Lord’s Army in the Culture War – it’s called the “Quiverfull strategy” – and many of the congregation are taking those words to heart (or other, more relevant organs).

If this works, sooner or later it’s gonna lower our national average IQ by a full standard deviation. (Or would, if evolution weren’t a Satanic lie.)

Don’t suppose there’s anything we heathens can do about this?

Sell pot to their kids.

It’s going to backfire on them. Raising mulititudes of children in a repressed, hardcore fundy atmosphere is just a recipe for ending up with an army of tree-hugging, bisexual Wiccans rebelling against their parents.

That’ll just make them horny and they’ll outfuck their parents. :frowning:

In this case I think you’re right. These are true hard-core fundamentalists, not just your run-of-the-mill evangelicals.

additionally, they’re starting from a very small base, so it would be a century or more before they beome a sizeable part of the popualation (even if they didn’t have defections):

I’m not worried. This fad movement won’t last.

Now, I freely admit that I’ve not kept up with the latest Apocalyptic nonsense making the rounds, but if they strongly believe that we’re in the End Times©, wouldn’t it demonstrate that they’re not showing a lot of faith to squeeze out several litters for an army that won’t be necessary?

As to what can be done, well, short of breeding like bunnies I don’t see much. And they’re already ahead of the curve in that wise. I suppose introduction of ortho novum into the water supply might help.

As others have noted, cultural/religious/political beliefs are not genetic. Fundamentalist Christians have co-opted youth rebelliousness for a while by selling kids on the notion of rebelling in the name of Christ against an oppressive, dominant, anti-religious secular society (a notion not without a kernel of truth, although grossly exaggerated and distorted). But as fundamentalist churches and communities become more entrenched and established, they themselves will become the objects of backlash and rebellion.

Moreover, the heady countercultural excitement of doing something so unconventional as having huge broods of children is not likely to survive the sheer exhaustion and expense of having to raise all those children. The “Quiverfull” movement looks to me like a right-wing version of the 1960’s-70’s commune movement: “Hey man, this is a radical new way to live that is really, like, returning us to the roots of God’s plan for us! It’s groovy and natural!”

However, in both cases it also tends to be a quite difficult and complicated way to live, especially given the social, cultural, and economic pressures in favor of following a more conventional lifestyle. The hippies’ commune movement in the end mostly faded away, and the fundies’ hyperfertility movement eventually will too.

Why would you want to? I think your grandkids deserve to have someone serve them at Mickey-D’s.

The one thing I considered as problematic before I read the article was the ethnic conflict that might arise as a generation of the lesser educated fought it out with immigrants. I was not at all happy to discover that my stray thought was very near the heart of that movement, with its frequent allusions to “race death” and similar “concerns.”

I take heart from the fact that groups who are already following actions similar to this group without imposing the odd militant philosophy (e.g., the Amish) are in no danger of overwhelming the rest of the country.

They are showing plenty of faith; what kind depends on what variety of End Timeism they believe. If they believe that the faithful will be Raptured and us sinners suffer the Tribulations, reign of the AntiChrist, etc, then they show faith by ignoring the logical inconsistancy you pointed out. If they think the Tribulation and so forth will happen first and then the Rapture, they are showing faith by producing an army for an imaginary need.

Damn! You mean they think, too? I thought they were simply breeding.

Ortho novum for the lot of 'em, then.

We could try introducing them to Shakerism. It’s a tough sell, but we might get some really nice furniture out of the deal. Actually, I’d just relax. The increase in sex just might make a lot of these people mellower, more tolerant and easier to deal with. I know it works for me.

And if not, chasing around after ten or fourteen children, not to mention trying to earn enough to support all those children, will probably leave them too exhausted for serious attempts at heathen-smiting.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Fred Phelps has 13 kids and still has found plenty of energy to hate people.

Yeah, but I don’t see Mrs. Phelps out there much.

Oh, and four of his kids have left the fold.

I think that the phrase, “Quality, not quantity” fits here.


This is very true, but when you consider that this one man and his wife have generated a group of between 80-90 family members all dedicated to their cause…well, just shows it can add up fast even with attrition.

Yeah, but the Phelps clan is suffering from what apparently is the largest, longest case of Stockholm Syndrome ever seen. Few of even the most rabid fundies have the sort of bottomless, inhuman hatred required to deal out the constant and systematic physical and psychological abuse Fred uses to keep his family in line.

I readily admit it was just one extreme example. :slight_smile:

Still, I must say I’m taken with the term “quiverfull.” What’s the atheist equivalent, I wonder? A shitload?

This isn’t exactly a new thing, depending how you define new. I was hearing about it at least ten years ago, and I don’t think it was just developing then. Part of the point, I think, is just to accept the children God gives you and not try to limit them. I don’t see them taking over the world any time soon.

Here is a thread from last year, which discusses some world famous quiverfulls, who had just celebrated the birth of their 16th child. Here is a link to the family’s site. I saw the documentary they did a few years back, when they had less children. As long as they are paying for the food, clothes, medical costs etc. of all the children it isn’t so bad.