Fungal Infection?

This is for all you doctors and or dermatologists out there:

Alright, so I noticed last week that there was a green spot on my skin directly to the left of my left middle finger’s nail. I thought that it was probably just marker or something and tried to wash it off. When I went to wash it, the spot was sore, and it did not wash out. In fact, on closer inspection, it seems as though there is an actual infection taking place beneath the surface of the skin. Keep in mind, it is quite small.

So, what could be causing this, and what is the cure, if any?

I have a feeling it may be some sort of fungus, but do you think its worth a visit to the doctor, or should I just try anti fungal creams etc?

1: Stop the vigorous scrubbing. It could re-inoculate if it’s an infestation.
2: If your scrubbing has broken the skin, see a doctor. Broken skin is usually a counter-indication for antifungal creams, according to the package label.
3: See a doctor, anyway. Ordinary fungal infestations are not colorful.

I am not a doctor, but I have had unusual fungal infestations–occupational hazard of working in a mycology laboratory.


I’ve had something similar from what the OP describes, from time to time. Usually it happens when I bite a nail too low. I’m not sure of the specifics, but it’s a little collection of pus.

When I was a wee lad, Grandma Homie would take one of her sewing needles, hold it to a lighter for a few seconds, and then pierce the skin where the pus was and squeeze. Hurt like hell, it did. But then the soreness left, too, since there was no longer extra pressure down there.


As someone with some tendency to acquire, develop, promote, keep, endure, suffer and deal with fungal infections I will say this does not sound like a fungal infection I have ever had. I suspect it is not a fungal infaction at all and if it is an infection it would be bacterial rather than fungal.