"Funky Winkerbean" SPOILER!!!!!

I do not know how to to do the black spoiler boxes…I apologize.

The character of Lisa Moore is to die from her recurring cancer.

Link to story:


I know this subject has been discussed here previously; any thoughts?


How surprising!


Funky Cancercancer

I’ve been following this sort of since the last thread that was about incest. The two high school characters were going out. The one with the dead newscaster dad and the adopted boy that looks strangely like his girlfriend. Well…

Adopted boy is cancer woman’s son. I have no idea if this means he is related to his girlfriend at all. I don’t know the characters backstory that well. I haven’t check in a few weeks at that time the paperwork had not gone through yet. He will probably get to meet her at her funeral. Funny stuff. Just what I am looking for in the comics.

I don’t read the comics pages anymore, so I never ever would’ve guessed this strip was even still around! :o

It has been pretty much a done deal since last week, when her tumors were still growing and she decided to stop chemotherapy. Did people really think that the hand of the Lord was going to reach down from heaven and rid her body of the scourge?

Well, okay. It is a comic strip.

But it’s been clear she’s gonna die since last week.

Yeah, but it’s not B.C.

It’s been a done deal since the cartoonist started the story line. He’s said in interviews how it was going to end.

For future reference, you do the spoiler box like so:

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Except take out the space after the first opening bracket. It comes out like this:

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Speaking of that, this storyline is back this week.

Thank you :smiley:


So I don’t read Funky Winkerbean, which really makes me wonder why I came into this thread in the first place, but can someone explain how incest made it into the funny papers?
“Ha ha! That whore was your mom!”

I’m not sure about the incest angle. As far as I can tell Lisa is Darin’s biological mother, but not whatsernames.

It seems like Batiuk has always had it in for Lisa. First she had the teen pregnancy, then later she was almost killed in a bombing or something at Montoni’s and then the cancer hit. All he missed out on was having her be abused by an old boyfriend and becoming an addict.

Talking in spoilers is fun. We should do a whole thread like this.


It’s nothing to do with incest – other than that Darrin and his girl (Jessica, I think) are drawn to look a bit alike. Batiuk is really drawing out their having sex, so some people have speculated that an incest storyline was afoot.

Really, though, they aren’t related. Lisa (with the cancer) is Darrin’s bio-mother. She got pregnant with him in high school. Not an abusive relationship, IIRC, but the dude did decamp abruptly when it became clear that Lisa was PG. He’s showed back up a couple of times (again, IIRC), but is always a loser.

[checking today’s strip] Well, it looks like they finally did it… maybe. Kind of ambiguous after all the build up. Anyway, I think the thing here is that Lisa’s letter to Darrin is probably back in the PO box and, all befuddled by S E X, Darrin won’t get around to checking it again anytime soon. Maybe not until after Lisa is dead, so she won’t get to meet him. Sounds like the kind of abuse which Batiuk loves to heap on her poor bald head.

All this crap the Funky Gang has been going through for the last 15 years makes seriously miss the days of talking watermelons.

Saturday & Sunday Funky spoiler alert

Saturday has Darren reading the letter containing the information on his birth mother (and having to sit down on the post office floor) and Sunday shows him driving up to the Moore’s house, where Lisa & her daugher Summer are playing outside

That Darin sure takes a long time to open an envelope.