Funniest play from Thanksgiving NFL games

The nominees are:

[li]Ndamukong Suh’s “accidental” groin kick (story w/video)[/li]
[li]Mark Sanchez gets spooked (by nothing!) and runs into Brandon Moore (story w/video)[/li]
[li]A different play (provide a description and link to video if possible)[/li][/ul]

Additionally, regarding the Suh-Schaub kick, intentional or no?

As far as the kick, I’m still undecided. I’ve read all the commentary and each side makes a lot of good points.

On the one hand, Suh is falling pretty wildly, twisting around, and when the contact is made his facemask is in the grass.

On the other hand, there is some unnatural movement in the offending leg, and the direction in which Suh twists as he’s falling gives him an opportunity to “aim” his foot before his head hits the ground. Not to mention that the man does have a bad reputation, and deservedly so.

That said, while Suh is a large and undoubtedly very strong man, I’d bet there was more than a little bit of acting on Matt Schaub’s part.

You know, I thought watching the video and getting some context would make it less funny. Boy was I wrong. It looks to me like it was supposed to be a run play and the RB thought it was play action. (Or Sanchez thought it was a run play and it was supposed to be play action.) He looks so confused when he turns around and he still has the ball.

Sanchez said in his post-game conference he didn’t know what play it was. what a lamer

That Sanchez play does not showcase his ability to improvise. What other NFL QB, when faced with a “crap somebody got the play wrong” moment decides that the best course of action is to run full speed into the first ass he can find? It doesn’t even look like he was going for a gap in the line, it almost looks like he was chasing his RB to see if he can try again to hand off the ball.

If you count ref tomfoolery…

The play with the Texan pick6 when the guys knee was clearly down by contact. :rolleyes:

In the game commentary during the broadcast (heard during the video clip) Cris Collinsworth thinks that Vince Wilfork throws Brandon Moore back into Sanchez, but that’s not what I see happening. Sanchez straight up runs right into Moore’s ass for no discernible reason. It actually gets funnier every time I watch it. The slow-mo is awesome.

Oh, it was a running play…and they couldn’t challenge it…I was half ass looking at it whilst eating. :wink:

It was definitely not a play action, and I’d put most of the blame on the fullback. The fullback thought it was going to the right but the play based on the left tackle pulling showed that it was supposed to be a power play on the left side. It ended up a farce but really it’s as simple as the fullback not being able to tell his left from his right, which is a JV mistake.

As for the fumble at the end? ::shrug:: He saw the lineman but probably wasn’t expecting him to be such a brick wall and giving him the Bruce Lee 1-inch-punch from up close. It’s also hard to have good peripheral vision inside a helmet especially if you don’t have a knack for it and/or experience. Sanchez doesn’t keep his head on a swivel nor does he have experience running the ball. I’d imagine a lot of other slow groundbound qb’s would have had a similar reaction if they tried the same. Where Sanchito should be criticized is that he chose to cram it up the middle instead of scrambling wide and throwing it away outside the pocket.

I think Sanchez might’ve lost his footing and started to slip when he was trying to make a cut, and his momentum carried him into the ass.

Yeah, his face was at about ass level, unnaturally low for upright running into ass.

Suh knew what his foot was doing.

Thats not it. If it wasn’t a scoring play the coach could challenge it. But since it was a scoring play it would have been automatically reviewed. But the coach threw the red flag anyway. Which is a penalty and means that the play can not be reviewed. Its a really dumb rule.

Nothing funny about Suh. A dirty play from a dirty player.
Sanchez fumbling because he ran into the ass of his own player? Very funny.

Still don’t think Suh’s kick was intentional, or at least where he hit him (I could buy that he did raise his arm to trip Schuab though).

Sanchez’s run was funny just because of how bad it was. Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of plays where the RB lines up in the wrong spot or doesn’t realize it’s a run and the QB has to just tuck and run. But to have such bad vision that you just run straight into your own guy?

The Jets do wear green. Maybe they’re too well camouflaged.

Does anybody else hear Yakety Sax in their head when you see the Sanchez replay?

As for Suh, Shaub refused to even say his name in his post game interview, referring to Suh as “that person”. When all your peers and collegues hate you there isn’t much else to be said.