Funny eBay listing #34812

From here.. I like how desparate the seller gets as he updates his auction. $860.00, huh? I hope he gets himself a nice table saw or drill press or something.

Hahaha. Yep I agree, I laughed.

Oh man, he’s so sarcastic and funny. I hope he gets enough for a sweet riding mower or a toilet. What a great auction.

Priceless. Can we recruit him for the SDMB?

That is beautiful!

"Final Notice and Disclaimer: I know nothing about these stuffed Beanie Babies. I offer no proof of anything. It is a stuffed animal, get over it! I don’t think my ex-wife was in the Black Market Beanie Trade…but then again, I didn’t know she was having an affair either! "


He definitely seems like our kind of people.

Do you think we helped kick his hit counter up over 100,000?

Cracked me up!

I took a look at the bid history - it appeared to me that people were bidding against themselves?? Did I read that right? Really, why would you bid anything until just before the auction ends? The sooner you put out a bid, the sooner someone could bid against you, right?

I don’t get it. But I would love to meet the man who posted the ad.

No. What happens is someone puts in a proxy bid that is significantly higher than the last bid. For instance, the current bid is $10 and the bid increment is .50. If I put in a new bid of $20, the current bid will show up as $10.50. So somebody comes back and bids $11. I will still show up as the high bidder at $11.50. So on the bid history, it appears that I have bid twice (which technically, I have), when it is actually an automatic execution. eBay bidding strategy is a whole nuther thread discussion.

" I will pack all these little critters safely in plastic bags and then in a box. This way they can’t get wet before your kids slobber on them. "

HA HA HA HA HA… this guy is a riot!!

So, who’s going to volunteer to contact him and recruit him for Doperdom?