Funny Juxtapositions

I just saw two mismatched items on the Internet: The Jack Nicholson face (“Here’s Johnny!”) from The Shining, followed by “Stuff Dentists Don’t Want You to Know about Whitening Teeth.” (His sinister teeth were so white in that shot!)
A magazine carried an ad with the headline “Dog Nearly Itches to Death” and showed a picture of a middle-aged woman.
Post here funny combinations of signs and pictures you’ve found.

A front page story in our newspaper on Christmas 2006 was the death of James Brown. On page 3 there was a good sized ad for his appearance at our local entertainment venue on New Year’s Eve!

There was once a verticle sign for the show “ART” hung below the beginning of a horizontol sign for “Footloose.” It was only up for a couple of days, but millions of people took photos that looked something like this:


Not a poster but real life:

I went to a bachelorette party recently, and there were various snacks laid out on the table, one of them being vegetables and ranch dressing in the center for dipping. Also spoons in each of the dips/sauces, so someone was very careful about being sanitary, but decorating the table were several dildos. “Don’t dip your vegetables directly, but enjoy them while staring at huge fake cocks.”

Years ago I saw a priest standing in front of a Guaranteed Overnight Delivery truck.

Recently while visiting a rather large city in Germany I saw several street preachers, wailing away about Jesus near a jewelry store. The sign over the store said Christ seit 1853.

Earlier the same day I attended the Gay pride march that started in the main square downtown. All the political parties had floats, including the conservative party. Their slogan: “Conservative but Sexy.”

You may or may not know that in German Christ means “Christian” (person) and Christus means “Christ.”

Well, mostly, yes; but the usage of Christ as an abbreviation of Christus is also reasonably common, for instance in the popular Christmas carol O Du Fröhliche: Welt ward verloren/Christ ward geboren (world was lost/Christ was born).
Which, to me at least, is also a funny juxtaposition, since I always mistook this line for a causal relationship when I was still a wee one: The world was lost, because of Christ being born. My early years therefore were subject to a rather confused theology – so, can anybody tell me why the hell we worship that guy? – which probably reverberates to this day, and may account for some of my views regarding religion. :slight_smile:

Check out this collection of misplaced ads

I…don’t get it. Even looking up seit in a German/English dictionary, I’m unenlightened. Can you explain, please?

siet = since

I took it to mean “In the service of Christ (Christian) since 1853.”

Not funny so much as a very unfortunate combination of story and “related” contextual ad placement, but this bittersweet article from yesterday about a young leukemia victim’s “dream marriage” and his death the following day was accompanied by just such a tragic combo. It’s fixed now, but someone was quick enough to capture a screenshot.

A friend was walking down the street a few years ago and saw a nun in full habit watering the plants in front of the church…With Miracle-Gro!
Anybody remember those old gags in Mad magazine where they were changing the ads on billboards, creating a funny juxtaposition between the old and the new? I tried googling, but didn’t turn anything up.

On a movie billboard when Die Hard (2)? and Cocktail were out, there were some juxtapositions:


An example from my town . I’m not sure what to make of it, but I took the pic with a smile on my face.

Two I can think of:

  • in a neighborhood supermarket, they had just rearranged all the aisles, and I found that the beer and wine was directly across from the condoms and pregnancy tests. One stop shopping!

  • on my drive to work, on one sign pole, was a warning of a dip in the road ahead and a notification that the district’s state representative’s office was at the next intersection. So, it looked like this:

          • DIP - - - - -
            -State Rep Smith-

I took this pic in front of our local Wal-Mart a couple of years ago.

On I84 in Danbury Connecticut there used to be a sign that said this
Department of Motor Vehicles

Federal Correctional Facility
Until i noticed the dividing line, I thought “That explains a LOT”

I have that article! :smiley:

Not a whisper of bad breath with new…
Brush your teeth…
Right down the drain

Know the real joy of good living…
Fill up with '59 Mobilgas special
Move up to quality… move up to…
Fast economical warmups…exciting pickup and power!
The beer that made Mil-
eage and quick starts in all weather!

Make your dog an eager
Dogs love
Calvert Reserve
Full 86 Proof Blended Whiskey
with lean red meat!
86% Grain Neutral Spirits
to help your dog grow!
Bottled by
Calvert Meat Packing company
Clear Heads agree it’s better
for dogs!
Dog food
[Last two, combination of whiskey bottle and dog-food can]

Found these two signs last year in Ottawa.

I titled the picture “Keep Right”.

There was a picture in National Lampoon yrs ago (My google fu failed to find it, sorry) of a drive in marquee that had a triple feature…

in the pic, the sign read:

Gods must be Crazy