Furnace Filter-Right or Wrong?

I was told by the installer of my 67000 BTUH, Revolv EB20D, Electrical furnace that I could only use a flat filter. Could anybody tell me is this is correct?

Looks that way … here’s the Owner’s Manual {PDF} … it says you might have two filters … I suggest finding them, writing down their numbers … and buying some … clean them often …

That’s a nice unit … smart move on your part …

Thanks for the quick response!! Merry Christmas!!

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Semi-nitpick. It can be operated in upflow or downflow mode. In upflow mode (which is how most furnaces run) it uses a 20x20x1 filter, located on the side. In downflow mode, it uses a 16x20x1 filter, located near the top behind the access panel.
One filter, just two locations depending on how it’s set up.

Anyways, if by ‘flat’, you mean 1" as opposed to a big 4" wide filter, then yes* that would appear to be the case.
*If you really wanted to use a 4" filter, you can have someone install the housing for one to accept that, or even just have them make one out of duct. Depending on the layout of your existing ductwork, it may or may not be trivial to get it between the return and the furnace. They look like this, at an HVAC supply house, they’re purchased separately from the furnace and mounted to the side of it.