Further to the Farc - IRA thread...

In today’s Sunday Times newspaper, here in UK:

Photos Link More IRA Men to Columbia
New photographic evidence linking senior IRA operatives to the training of terrorists in Columbia has been revealed by an American enquiry.

Pictures believed to have been taken by the Columbian immigration authorities and passed to the Americans show two Irishmen using false identities to enter the South American country.

One is said to be Padraic Wilson, the IRA’s former commander in the Maze prison, who was closely involved in setting up the decommissioning process. Wilson, caught building a Semtex booby-trap bomb in 1991, was released early under the 1998 Good Friday agreement. He is close to Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader, and was the first leading IRA figure publicly to back decommisioning. If he is proved to have been in Columbia, it could further harm the peace process.

The Columbians say 15 IRA terrorists helped in the training between 1998 and 2001. Seven have been identified and are to be questioned by garda in the Irish Republic.

Much of the evidence against the men came from a Farc defector. he said he recieved explosives training from McCauley, Monaghan and Connolloy in the former Farc-controlled demilitarised zone, which is about the size of Wales. The defector said the men trained him in making bombs and mines. They were detected when the Columbian military intercepted a Farc radio transmission in which a leading Columbian guerrilla was advised to take advantage of training opportunities offered by the trio. some of the Irishmen were said to have joined in a Farc attack on the Columbian city of Cali.

“The Columbians say 15 IRA terrorists helped in the training between 1998 and 2001.” I assume you’ll therefore retract your comment in the other thread that the IRA have been training FARC for 20 years?

No, because that is stating the Columbians say 15 have helped between 1998 and 2001. It does not say none have helped outwith that time, and indeed other reports I have read reckon the IRA started going there in the early 80s.

You’ve been asked for a cite for those reports, we’re waiting to see it. I’ve just realised you’ve cross-posted this, which is a no-no around here. Mods can you lock this one too please?

I was wrong. Apparently, it’s neither “put up” nor “shut up” time. :frowning:

ruadh no the mods will not close this. If you dont read the papers and havent seen the theory that the IRA have been in Columbia since the 80s then I suggest you read more.

Interesting that you havent actually commented on anything in this thread’s original post.

Because I already said in the other thread i.e. the duplicate to this thread that already is going on in the Pit that I couldn’t care less even if it’s true.

Then if you couldnt care less, why read the bloody thread? Or are you just looking for an arguement?

An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.

no it isn’t.

I was answering your question, fer cryin’ out loud. You asked (in the original thread of which this is a duplicate) how we felt about the IRA [sub]allegedly[/sub] training FARC members. Why ask a bloody question if you don’t want to see an answer you disagree with? Or are you just looking for an argument?

But you’re not American, are you?

Anyway, you sidetracked into stuff about the UVF etc which is completely irrelevent, although you thought it wasnt because you thought I was on their side. People like you are the reason Ireland is in such a mess. I’m glad I live in Scotland.

You’re the one who’s been making assumptions, not me.

Who are you replying to here? I’m American and I said nothing about the UVF.

I’m not american, and the UVF is relevant to this discussion. I was pointing out instances of Loyalist-UK international terrorist links and asking why there isnt a congress investigation into these links.

Well, when you come into a faorum and start immediately start talking about how you want to kill Gerry Adams, what assumptions do you expect people to make?

This is a duplicate thread on this issue. your idiocy got the original put into the Pit, please keep with that one. This thread should be locked.

The point of the matter is this is about the IRA - Farc link. If you want to discuss the UVF or any othe rparamilitary organisation in Ireland start your own thread. If you think the IRA - Farc thing should not be investigated because the UVF is not being investigated, then wise up. At least one of them is.

This is about IRA - Farc. Anything else please dont bother with, ok?

Sorry, who the hell are you to tell us what should or should not be discussed on these boards?

if the 3 men are found guilty, then I will be happy, as it is three more dissidents rendered incapable of wrecking the peace process.

what makes you think that
a)these people where there under official orders of the IRA
b) Sinn Fein had anything to do with them being there?

Answers on a postcard please, labelled to the thread in the pit.

Moderator’s Note: I am going to leave this thread open for the purposes of discussing the political or moral issues relating to the IRA, alleged links between the IRA and other terrorist or guerilla organizations, and so on. There is already a thread in the Pit for flaming each other over this, so there is no need for anyone to flame anybody else here. And such attacks will not happen in this thread (or anywhere in this forum). Right? Good.

OK so. The Griffin, I see your point about the loyalist paramilitaries, but do you not think it’s relevant that the organisation (ie. the US Government) presently investigating the alleged IRA-FARC links has its own links to other Colombian paramilitaries? I certainly do.

Read and understood mbuckner, but he already posted this in the pit thread. Which should be used to discuss this? I didn’t think GD was the place for unsubstanciated claims that the user refuses to back up.

We have asked for at least twice a cite that would say that the IRA have been training FARC for 20 years.

he is not interested in a debate on this matter.