Furthest right?

It’s quite a spectrum of political opinions we have here. I’m curious: who’s the most right wing? Define it any way you want, but please state your opinions on gun ownership, affirmative action, immigration, taxation, and abortion. Last I checked, Beeruser was in the lead, but ghalen SutaI’ muchwI’ looks like he’ll take him in the turn.

Bonus points will be awarded for being a dittohead, before it was cool.

“Existence defies essence.” - John Barth?

I dunno about “furthest” right, but Cecil is the one here who is right most often.

Of course, the really extreme right wingers here won’t come out and say so. They think you’re an ATF agent trying to find someone to raid.

Well, I’m a fascist who believes that I should be the dictator of the U.S.M. (look at my handle).

I’ll make sure the trains run on time no matter who happens to be on the tracks!

Shucks, Moriah, I thought your handle was taken after the name of the mountain in the Bible upon which Abraham was supposed to sacrifice Isaac (or, if you’re a Muslim, the mountain in the Koran upon which Abraham was supposed to sacrifice Ishmael.)

And I thought your handle came from the wind…

Y’know, the one they call, “moriah”?

Flick Lives!

I thought you were a pop singer in disguise. . .


It’s an ‘o’ an ‘o’!

And by U.S.M., of course I meant Univeral Subservience to (Mount) Moriah. Everyone will face me and pray five times a day and pay taxes seven times a day. Those who fail to obey will be the next sacrifice – and don’t count on You Know Who to intervene.

Vote for me for Dictator for Life!

I thought moriah was the series of underground caves in which Tolkien’s dwarves dwelt.

Um, that would be the “disguise” part. . .

And Tolkein’s Moria had no “h” (I wasn’t sure if you were joking or not, tracer).


“Cecil is the one here who is right most often.”

All I can say is, “What a butt kisser!”

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Since none seem to be stepping forward, we will now accept nominations from the floor.

Nominees must have a bumper sticker reading “My wife, always. My dog, maybe. My gun, never!”