Futher Proof That the Western World Is Spinning Around the Drain

From my news.google home page:

Twitter Hints at Drone Selfies With New Patent

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Drones AND Selfies - the most perfect match since the eraser tip on a pencil!

As a person who did his own darkroom and has 50+ pounds of just camera gear AND once owned a real airplane, I shudder at both developments individually.

We will now have idiots not only walking into trains while ‘selfing’, we will now have them flying into god-knows-what.

the (still dead) link is

Link works for me.

More for extreme sports guys. The drone is launched and follows the receiver, while snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

Here’s example of one already on the market: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7pFllk5VXA

So the thrill of the (extreme) sport is not the real attraction, it’s being filmed doing it, so you can show off to other people.

As I always suspected.

Naahndo, Naahndo!! Eeet ees more important to *look *Fantastic than to *be *Fantastic!
An experience without an audience is like a tree falling in the forest: completely silent socially.

How long before a newly-minted pilot takes his drone to the airport to record his first solo?

How long before anyone realizes that this might be a problem?

How long before some CFI gets ‘fired’ for objecting to the presence of a drone over the runway?

This will get interesting for a while.

FWIW: I bought my son a nice drone for Christmas. Since it’s stabilized and has a pretty good video camera, I suggested he market “selfies” to the local yachting crowd. I figure there’s a pretty good market of people who’d love a youtube video of their boat zooming across the water. Still investigating how to do this legally since it’s commercial use of a drone. Hopefully a section 333 won’t be a problem, since it’s an over water operation (and not populated areas or controlled airspace).

So instead of flying cars, we got flying cameras. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Jesus Christ. This goes beyond “get off my lawn”.

Why? Because of this?

Not that it won’t ever happen, but I think your fears are a little overstated.

When drones taking selfies take off, with sales of these be far behind?

As a dabbler in extreme sports myself you are IMO somewhat right.

After awhile you can detect the ones that are in it for the show and the ones that would do it even if nobody else ever knew they did it.

I try to avoid the first group for the most part.

If usedtobe didn’t have “Get off my lawn” he’d have nothing to say; it’s his entire shtick.

How long before anyone uses any new technology in an unintended and dangerous manner?

Clearly, we ought to all just go Amish.

And as Amish Mafia demonstrates, even that is not without evil.

Actually the thing about the OP which most suggests that we’re going down a drain is his inability to spell “further”.

Once we don’t have effective education, civilizational disaster is but one generation away. Stop the rot before it’s too late.

Never. It’s a no fly zone for drones.

See the answer to your previous question.

Has anybody noted WHO took out this new patent?

Had it been a maker of BASE jumping gear, or even snowboards, it wouldn’t be scary.

But Twitter?


and: yep, drones aren’t permitted, so nobody will ever try to bring one…

And why exactly do you shudder if it is Twitter the one to patent and implement this idea? :dubious::confused:

“Four-time defending overall World Cup champion Marcel Hirscher narrowly avoided being hit by a drone during an Alpine slalom race in Italy on Tuesday.”