Future in genetics/biology?

I am currently a Computer Science major at Kettering University, a school that mainly focuses on engineering. Anyway, I have about 80% decided that CS isn’t for me, and I want to change my major/school. Genetics seems interesting to me, and I was wondering if you think there is a future in genetics. Would it be a good plan transfer my current credits over to University of Michigan, and take basic biology there, and then do genetics there for graduate studies? Are there any geneticists/biologists here? How has it worked out for you? Any other relevent info would be appreciated.

Well, I’m working as a geneticist right now. Our company’s doing well.

I guess it depends on what you want to do with your degree. If you’re interested in research, genetics isn’t bad, but I’d be more interested in proteomics, myself. That’s where I think the major discoveries will be made in the near future. If you’re just looking for a career, genetics would probably be a better choice - it’s more established and there are positions out there.

Go for it, I say. But I’m biased.