FWIW: The Simpsons season premiere is tonight

For better or worse, it’s the 16th season, starting with the Treehouse of Horror.

I’m gonna go with “for better,” since I like watching it a lot better than not watching it.

Sixteen years. Christ. I remember in the seventh grade, my school banned Bart Simpson t-shirts because “Eat my shorts” was deemed disrespectful of authority. Now the show’s an America institution. Funny world, innit?

I’m going to predict for worse, but I’ll be watching anyway because I still have a tiny bit of hope left.

Yeah… for me the show started in third grade (12/89). I started getting into it in about eighth grade, and it’s still on after I’ve graduated from college. Seen every last one, too. I took much too much pride in achieving that. :wink:

Same reason I’ve been watching SNL since 1980.

Oh please. The show is still a damn sight funnier than SNL has EVER been. Looking back on some of the episodes over the last 2 seasons they aren’t that bad. I wouldn’t mind if they made even a modicum of effort to stick somewhat to continuity but whatever. SNL sucks, always has, always will. Sorry but that’s just one Ex-Pat living in the US who is tired of being told it is a good skit show.


Seriously, SNL just isn’t that funny. Needs to be put out of its misery now.

Simpsons might be good tonight. Lochdale’s SO is making a pot roast (just like my Mam used to make back in Ireland :slight_smile:

Should be good (finger’s crossed). Anyways, if SNL can go on for 25+ years then The Simpsons should never end.

SNL has been on a steady decline for as long as I’ve been of a suitable age to watch it. With occaisional exceptions (Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey) it’s all been crap.

In the past 30 years and nearly 600 shows, I’m sure the bad sketches greatly outweigh the good. Of late, definitely, and yet I can’t stop recording it in hopes I get a funny sketch.

The last one that was really funny was the Blue Oyster Cult “Behind the Music” bit. That was over 4 years ago!

According to CNN, the cast has signed on for seasons 17, 18, & 19 so we’ll have to see.

I want to see the Simpsons premier.

But my cable company is manned by idiots.

After the football game they switched Fox to a different network’s feed.

That network isn’t showing The Simpsons. (Although they normally would).

I’m pissed off.

Stupid football delaying my Simpsons premier! Even though the seasons have been getting worse, the last few actually have been better than the few before (that is to say, 13-15 were better than 10-12, I think.) And the Treehouse of Horror’s are always good.

First of the three was decent. Ahh Flanders.

Ah…Simpsons finally aired (damn football!).

Was pretty good. I was surprised it was as good as it was. I liked the last one until the end, which was…a let down.

I was aroused by Marge. I clearly need help! I liked it. The episode that is.

Really? I found it pretty lame. Then again, I’ve missed the last six seasons of the Simpsons (not by choice), so maybe my bar was set too high. If this is considered good, then I must agree all the Simpsons naysayers are right.

I’m I the only idiot who thought Lochdale was admitting to being a post-op transvestite for a second?

We were talking about SNL and he/she DID call him/herself an Ex-Pat! :smack:

I know I said this a hundred times back when Futurama was being choked out, but…however long Fox thinks a football game lasts, it is actually about half an hour longer than that. When you find yourself EVERY SINGLE WEEK pre-empting your scheduled prime-time lineup for the end of the football game, it’s time to convince the NFL to start the game half an hour earlier or just not schedule anything for that half-hour.

(Of course, all indications were that they were deliberately trying to kill Futurama, but that doesn’t explain why it still happens.)