FYI: A jaywalking ticket in San Diego will cost you $115

This is a follow-up on the post I made a couple of weeks ago:

Just got a G-Damn jaywalking ticket in San Diego

I got the citation in the mail today, and I owe the city $115.00. One more reason I should be glad I’m moving to Boston (see my other recent post…).

At this point, I’m chalking it up to a contribution to the city of San Diego for all the fine work police officers normally do. :smack:


Dude, thats fucked up.

All i can say is :eek:

Well, we are in the midst of a budget crisis, I hear. Sounds like this is what they’ve decided to do about it. I had a cop give me crap about crossing on a blinking hand once. No ticket, I suspect, because a) no budget problems back then b) I’m blonde & female.

Incidentally, you have to run over an infant on purpose on the freeway to get a ticket. Average speed is 85-90 mph, I’m not kidding. I almost never see people pulled over. Just not as much of a menace as all you jaywalkers, I guess…

To say the least. Oy, what a mess.

Heh, that’s what I was thinking - helping us keep on budget!

But that sucks - $115 is pretty damn steep.

Isn’t it a fairly equivalent fine if you get pulled over for NOT stopping for a legitimate crosswalker when in your car? California’s been really cracking down on both for awhile, haven’t they?

Dayum. My girlfriend and I were considering moving from Boston to Sandy Eggo. I take it that would be a bad move?

Seriously. It’s more than I’ve paid for some speeding tickets. And let’s just say my speed was in the triple digits once or twice.

FlyingDragon, my first ticket ever (I was so proud) was for not stopping for a pedestrian. Though it was a while back, the fine was within $50 of this jaywalking ticket.

And a word to the wise-- when some guy comes jaywalking out into a four lane street, wait until both his feet are on the sidewalk before you move on. One foot in the street and one on the sidewalk, even though he’s twenty feet from your car, is endangering a pedestrian. Wish I’d known you could fight tickets back then.

If you base your decision on how much a jaywalking ticket is, sure! :smiley:

San Diego is beset with all sorts of city hall corruption, a spiraling city budget deficit, and a thoroughly jaded electorate. On the plus side, while it is one of the most expensive cities in which to live, unemployment is one of the lowest in the nation. If you are in high tech or biotech, you should be set. Police here are no better nor worse than in most other areas I’ve visited or lived, and while the region tends to vote heavily Republican, it’s still pretty socially moderate. I think that’s because while there’s a lot of military here, many of them are young.

But I’ll have to agree that’s a steep fine. This wouldn’t be like your third one in a month or anything, would it? :eek:


What you have to understand tofergregg, is that nobody in San Diego walks anywhere anymore. We all drive. So what you experienced was an example of “The Man” picking on a minority.

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To tdn: see my other post (noted above) about San Diego / Boston. Weather wise, San Diego is a Garden of Eden, and Boston…well let’s just say that it froze over this year (and possibly because the 'sox finally won). I absolutely love both cities, and if I had the means, I’d have a house in both locations, spend Sept-October (and probably Christmas) in Boston and the rest of the year in San Diego. I’d avoid walking against the green, though…