FYI: New Psychic TV album out

In case you’re interested in this sort of thing, PTV have recently released the album Mr. Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers. It’s worth checking out; of note are good versions of “Papal Breakdance” and “Foggy Notion”.

Like much PTV music, it’s even better if you drink heavily (or, presumably, ingest alternative pharmaceuticals).

It’s paired with a DVD (which I haven’t watched yet, so can’t comment on).

OK, just watched the DVD. It’s basically skippable–I don’t think it’s really intended to be video art like earlier visual material from Psychic TV. There’s some show footage and some home movies from touring and rehearsals, but nothing terribly exciting.

OTOH, it does include some footage filmed at the memorial service for Lady Jaye :frowning:
And it turns out that I still have, like, a total crush on Alice Genese.

Wow. I haven’t thought about them in years. I saw them live in L.A. right after Godstar came out. I can’t believe they’re still making music.

Didja know that Throbbing Gristle has reincarnated?

Wow again. One of my housemates was a huge fan of all of that genre and corresponded with many of the artists including Cosey from TG and “Chris and Cosey.” Is Nurse with Wound next? I wonder if I still have my Sylvie and Babs cassette.