G.I. Joe is back on TV

The Cartoon Network is now showing G.I. Joe, albeit at the crappy 1 AM time slot.


It’s crappy because a new generation of kids probably won’t get to see it and find out how cool the show is, but it’s awesome that it’s back on TV. I also heard that they are considering putting the Transformers on depending on the response to G.I. Joe.

I’m glad Rhino has been putting them both out on video. I bet without the success of their tapes and DVDs, they would have remained banished to cult/nerd fanboy status.

YO JOE!!! :smiley: :cool:

Got to get tough!

Thank goodness GI Joe is back on, that way another generation can learn that two groups of poeple can engage in a massive fight with missiles and lasers without a single person ever getting killed . . .

And the development of toy marketing based plot development :stuck_out_tongue:

Because knowing is half the battle!!!
Global Citizen

They started with the Joe movie back on July 1st in half hour bits that week. Right before they did their 24 hour Iron Giant marathon.

It sure was an exciting show. Ahh I remember it so fondly. Especially my 6th birthday party where I got not 1, not 2 but 3 Cobra helicopters. Man I had so many little red sidewinder missles I could have taken over a small country! Good times.

But my favorite’s always been Snow Job. Can’t exactly say why though.