G M foods in the news, again.

I just read an article in the local paper (a NY Times story) about the European Union’s regulation that genetically modified foods be labeled, which goes into effect soon. Well, American farmers, backed up by Bush (and others) are really in a snit. They continue to spout the old “ignorant slack-jaws won’t eat our honestly labeled food, and we won’t make as much money” song that enabled them to foist the stuff off on America.
Tough, say’s mangeorge. They’re paying for the foods, give 'em what they want. Products belong to the consumer, not the producer.
different article, same topic

We’ve truly crossed over to the Twilight Zone when producers act like it’s an unfair burden to them when people won’t eat a product that is honestly labelled! If people are that uncomfortable eating certain things, maybe we ought rethink even making them, hmm?