G8 organizers: here's an idea

Since it’s a given that your meetings are consistenly a flashpoint for large scale protests and riots, wouldn’t it be prudent to arrange to have the cabal gather at some out of the way place? Say, the Falkland Islands?

It makes no sense to shut down an entire city for a few days because of the inevitable distractions.

Seriously, it would not be so difficult to find somewhere in the world that would discourage a large number of agitators from assembling.

My consulting fee for this bit of good advice is only $1 million (US), but I’ll waive it this time because I’m feeling generous today. The reduced need for massive security would easily save that much many times over.

It is impossible to overstate the obvious, dumbasses.

Already listened to. The next meeting of the World Trade Organization will be held in Qatar.

It’s not the G8 that’s shutting down these cities. It’s not lawful protests. It is mobs and rioters.

This is criminal activity. Are you suggesting that civilization should surrender to mob rule? Do you think there is a place isolated enough that these thugs won’t follow? Do you think they care what their violence does to the cities they take over? Do you think they care about anything but making the evening news?

It is impossible to overstate the obvious, dumbasses.

JFK shouldn’t have been in Dallas that day. MLK shouldn’t have gone to Memphis that day. RFK made a bad move walking through the kitchen of that hotel in LA. Hell, I will even say George Wallace had too much of an encounter with the people that day in Laurel, MD.

Whoever organizes these circle-jerks should know better.

How about giving some thought to the people who live in whatever city in which a G8 meeting takes place? Why subject a citys-worth of people to several days of mucho inconvenience?

Now if the rest of the world can be convinced…

Speaking as a citizen of the ever-growing metropolis that is Washington DC I can’t back that up enough.

As citizens of the United States we have the right to peaceful assembly and protest, I agree. Heck, I even support it fully.

But, does it have to happen every summer?!?!?!?!

It’s damn it all inconvenient when every two bit group (and several humongous ones) decide to hold large rally on the Mall. Get off our subway, get out of our restaurants, stop carving your initials in the monuments and GO HOME.

Part of the price we pay for living here, I suppose. Sort of like feeling a responsibility to instruct tourists in the farecard system for the Metro. They can go broke in a hurry if they don’t know what’s up.