G8 to discuss passing declaration on Middle East Crisis today

Israel’s bombing of Lebanon is now at the top of the agenda. The G8 are said to be working on passing a declaration but it is doubtful that they will reach a consensus.

“We need to make utmost efforts to solve this with peaceful means,” he said. “We condemn any terrorist act including hostage taking but we have the impression that besides the return of its abducted soldiers, Israel is pursuing other, wider goals.” Source

One of the Group of Eight has noticeably defected from this position. The majority believe that there should be no blame placed solely on one party, there should be no distinction.

If they pass a declaration, what should it contain. Will the G8 discussion reach consensus and diplomacy, or will it break down into dispute? What impact can the G8 have on the current situation?


Couldn’t you just as easily started this thread by saying “Hezbolah’s cross border attacks are now at the top of the agenda”? Subtle use of language is important here. And I agree that the G8 can have limited impact here.

I don’t think the G8 can do a damned thing, but as to the question of what they should do, lets see…

On one side we have a liberal democracy that gives all of it’s citizens full rights and on the other we have a gang of thugs persuing an agenda of genocide. Hmmmm. Who to support, who to support…Yea, that’s a real hard question. :rolleyes:

What is the practical effect of a G8 declaration? I mean, the G8 is an association of the world’s eight riches and most powerful countries, but does such a declaration actually obligate their governments to do anything?

Apparently Russia, Italy, and the UK will be sending forces into the area.

Blair calls for UN stabilization force.

Putin might send troops if the UN Security Council deploys such a force.

Prodi backs sending troops.

. . . To fight on which side? Backing Israel would seem to go clean against the content of the proposed declaration.

It is also strange that the declaration has not been picked up by the media.