Gaelic Storm Appreciation Thread


  Took some time off this past Satruday and went to see this band live at the Rex in Pittsburgh. Great Show! High energy Celtic. I even got to meet a few of the band members after the show.

  If you don't know who they are, they were in the movie "Titanic", as the band playing in steerage. Leading them to declaire on one of their CD liner notes: "the only band to survive the sinking of the Titanic".

 Plus the fiddle player, Ellery Klein, is totally hot!  :cool:

I was a big fan of Gale Storm.

Oh, wait. :slight_smile:

They’re coming to Chicago in March. I’ve known this since probably October, and since then I’ve had a post-it on my desktop reminding me to get tickets.

I took Irish dance lessons quite a few years ago, and occasionally we would bring in the GS CDs and dance to those. I did a celtic music group last year, and I enjoy playing along to the tunes I know, and trying to learn those that I don’t.

At the Hemmens, I believe, on the 15th. Tickets may already be sold out - they went on sale back in JULY. Are they playing elsewhere in the area around the same time?

They’re really wonderful. I discovered them through a friend who had “She Was The Prize” on his iPod and really dug them immediately.

According to my post-it, they’re playing on the 11th at the Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin, and on the 12th at the Chicago House of Blues. A quick check of their website confirms this. Tickets for HOB go on sale this Saturday. I couldn’t get the Hemmens website to work.