gag from yesterday's simpsons

I hate to be the one to start yet another Simpsons thread, but I taped the episode and the tape must have been old or something. I missed the gag at the spelling bee where something apparently happened to Milhouse. What was the gag?

They gave him an incredibly easy word, I forget what exactly, but looking out my window I’ll just assume it was “Snow.”

He says, “Snow? That’s an easy word! No way I can get this wrong! Snow! ‘F’ . . . oh no!”

Everyone laughs at him. Skinner says, “Stop laughing children! This will likely scar him for life!” Then he starts laughing himself (“It is kind of infectious.”)

Just to be anal about it, the word was ‘Choke.’

The word itself is part of the joke! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That was a really funny episode overall.

Personally I like the Marry Milhouse Gag!

“Wait this is my only chance at happiness”

“The 'House always wins!”

“Everything’s coming up Milhouse!”

Your name is Milhouse, too?

A pain I know all too well.

So this is what it feels like…When Doves Cry.

And a hotplate!