Gah!!!! Help me remember who wrote this book..

I JUST read this about, I dunno 6 months ago or so, I am losing my mind trying to remember who wrote it. Here’s what I remember:

It’s a spy/espionage book. Set as the Berlin Wall is about to come down. The British MI6 brings back some old clerk who used to run a female spy back in the day. There’s something about some guy dying early in the book on some dock, I think in Paris?

They send the guy into East Germany. There’s good guy East Germans and bad guy East Germans, a KGB guy that helps him out in EB. A love interest, a chick that is involved in the protesters rallying weekly by some big church - maybe this was in Dresden, come to think of it…

Our Hero is intent on getting someone’s family out - I think it was his brother’s family, brother died in prison. He breaks IN to the prison to free someone.

The end of the book comes right as the wall comes down, and there’s drama as the Bad East German guy watches Our Hero cross with the hordes and can do nothing to stop him.

Damn, I’m drawing a blank…The hell of it is, I KNOW this was written by an author I like, and cannot remember!!!

It sounds like a Henry Porter novel, Brandenburg maybe?


Thank you thank you thank you.

I was going nuts.

No problem! I like his novels. He also writes a very interesting weekly column for the Observer here in the UK - available on the website.

ETA if you like Porter can I recommend the WWII espionage novels of Alan Furst? To my mind they are stylistically similar and just as enjoyable.

A Spy’s Life - that’s the one I read. I see my library has Remembrance Day, I think I’ll run and grab that soon.

I could have sworn stuan was making a joke and said “a Harry Potter book.”

damn I need to read a bit slower.

Nah, Harry Potter never wrote any British spy fiction. However, he did write several “Mack Bolan: The Executioner” novels. (In fact, all “Mack Bolan: The Executioner” novels have been written by witches: it’s merely another sign of their contempt for normal humanity.) Potter’s most widely publicized work, of course, remains his extensive ST:TNG Riker/Wesley internet fanfic.

There have also been rumors that Potter is responsible for the most recent series of V.C. Andrews novels.