Gah! I am such a dumbass. O'Hare DopeFest anyone?

I waited a day to buy this really sweet non-stop flight from LA to Philadelphia, the price jumped up 200 dollars.

I decided to try out Priceline leaving from Santa Barbara.

I set it at its cheapest, and bid a real low number. That didn’t work, so I figured I would add 25 dollars and when that didn’t work just watch the prices for the next few months.

My bid was accepted. I have a flight with two connections. Crazy. I was not ready for that bid to be accepted, priceline said it had a 4 percent chance! Yikes. Sure, I saved 150 bucks, but I can’t believe prices won’t go down in the next two months. Doh. So. On March 12th I have a 2 hour layover in O’Hare.

How do you Chicago Dopers feel about coming to the airport and partying hard on a Monday afternoon? C’mon, I know you all want to. What could be funner than a trip to the airport when you aren’t going anywhere? We could even pay high prices for watered down booze.


Damn, Pat. I was hoping you were going to be at O’Hare sometime this weekend - I leave for Chicago in an hour. Bad timing!

I’ll go if you pack me in your suitcase and promise to send me back when you’re done with me. :wink:

But, Demo, I will never be done with you! Uhoh, here comes Psycat. Quick, pretend you are fixing my zipper.

Always with the bad timing. You can come out that weekend as well, can’t ya boli?


Well when you get to Chicago you can always have some Dopers meet you at the airport and keep ya company! a little mini-dopefest!

I wanted to post one last time to this. In the hopes that people were just waiting for me to post the actual dates and times. I know you are all out there. Chomping at the proverbial bit. Hoping against hope to meet me in a dreary airport in the middle of the afternoon.

I leave tomorrow, but I will be checking my email over the week.

Anyway. I have a largish layover on March 12, 2001 from 3:05 PM to 5:37 PM…

Anyone who feels like coming by to drink girly drinks. Listen to me tell fascinating stories about Philadelphia. and watch plane lands, while avoiding the gaze of the fine men who live in the airport. Come on down.

Send me an email and I will give you the full details. Flight numbers and all that stuff.


pat, I’ll try my damndest to be there! I gotta meet your ass.

You made me nervous thinking it was this coming Monday. By the 12th I might be busy, or going off somewhere to party, but if I’m in the city on that day I’ll be there. Maybe one or two of the slacker Chidopes can join me.

Slacker Doper checking in. Pat, I’d be glad to drink a $7.50 Heineken with you, buddy. Gimme the details, 'cause I’m too lazy to email you.

Pat, is boli going in your suitcase, can I go in your duffel bag or pet carrier? I wouldn’t use you just for the O’Hare trip though, I would go on the whole trip with you and to not incovinience you, I will live inside the bag or carrier the whole trip. Just give me a shovel to clean up in there?

Please, Unca Pat?

Cool. I got two folks who most probably will be there. That is more than enough for me.
I sent out an email to ya both. I even threw in slacker nubmer 3, just in case she was too slacky to check this thread.

Merc, I just checked. I had room for you in the pet carrier. But, right while I was packing the inflatable doll blew up and took all the space. Wait. Did I say doll? I mean boat, boat. Damn this delete key that won’t delete embarassing things. You should just cut class tomorrow and come see me at LAX, Merc.That layover is just an hour long, though. :slight_smile:


I can repeat the words from the title of this thread. I am a dumbass. I misspoke about the largish layover. It is from 12:27PM to 3:05PM. Sorry about that.

Ah Fuck, pat I totally forgot about this, i should have given you my hotmail account, I check that daily. Sorry I missed you. I was free and everything too.


For future reference…chidopes need constant reminders!

Yop, yop. I’m with Omni on this one. Ya should have yelled at us, Pat. I was all good for yesterday, too.

<sigh> And I really wanted to meet you…

Oh, you guys so missed out… Pat on that trippy slidewalk thingy with the rainbow neon lights and freaky music would have been perfect thread material. Plus, he’s got real “frontman hair” that you have to see in person to believe. :wink: