Gah- Now my other sister has broken her arm (again!)...

Both of my sisters have broken their arms recently.

Both broke their right arms just above the wrist- one while bicycling and the other doing stair step aerobics (she says she’s got no rhythym- ha- it’s a joke- she’s a musician!).

Both accidents happened around the same time. Both sisters have internal pins and 5 inch plates and both are recovered from the initial injury. I didn’t know this, but you can leave the plates in or have them taken out. The musician says her plate doesn’t bother her much, but the bike sister was seeing a doc last week about having the plate removed because it has been bothering her quite a bit.

Then, today, she fell off her bike again and broke her arm above the plate.

Gah. Poor sister.

Poor balance is more like it.

She also needs how to learn how to fall. If she’s putting her arm out to break her fall, she’s doing it wrong.

What a bummer; to think your recovery is almost over only to have it doubled.

The 2 1/2 year old girl across the street from us fell over their dog Friday night and spiral fractured her fibia. I took our daughter over to see her (who she adores) and it was heartbreaking to see that little girl who was just really starting to walk really well with both legs now in casts and a bar inbetween to hold them in place. Diapers and casts are just a horrible combination.