Gah, what is this new Chicago tv show?????

Apologies if there is a thread somewhere else about this stupid TV show.

Just watching it after House.

AHHHHHHHH the stupid. What’s with the chick who talks like she’s from CA using a fake Fargo accent to impersonate someone from Chicago? Why do you need bottled water at a shelter if the public water delivery system is still working? What kind of supervisor/ninja sits in the back seat of a cruiser? What kind of a cop/driver doesn’t know his way around the city? And the hostage taker just gives up? Right.

Have I missed anything? Oh and I was born on Kedzie.

Chicago Code. It’s not new. I think this is episode 8. And Jennifer Beal is from Chicago, but yes, her accent is annoying.

Our topic about it is here:

Well, I said this show sucked from day one, mainly because Jennifer Beal was completely unbelievable as a police chief.

Those with testicles insisted I was wrong.

Thanks for the info and the link. I don’t watch TV too much. Don’t think I’ll be watching this much.

If I remember correctly, you said the show sucked before ever seeing an actual episode. Which kinda killed your credibility.

And as I remember, this show was trailered out the yin yang, and gave us plenty of forewarning of what Jennifer Beal would be like in this role.

And yes, I did watch an episode. True to the trailers, the show sucked.

It was an attempt to marginalize you in order to maintain the power structures controlled and defined by males.

If only someone would apologize for you all.

That’s true, but the show still sucks.

Teresa Colvin is clearly a Mary Sue for Shawn Ryan. He’s dreamed of being Jennifer Beals ever since seeing Flashdance.

First time I saw it - I turned it off after the hostage. But the water thing was explained. The water was working then, but sooner or later people would start popping fire hydrants, and water pressure would go down to nothing for a lot of people. Having water delivered to a community center (not a shelter) was a good idea.

But yes - this is a horrible show. I can’t decide which one they repeat over and over in hell though - this or Harry’s Law.

Don’t worry, it won’t be with us long. It’s last four new episodes drew ratings of 2.1, 2.0, 1.9 and 1.8. That downward trend spells death for any show.

Source: TV By The Numbers

I watched the first two or three episodes and then gave up on it. It was awful. Why do I even bother with any show on the Big 4 networks?

Well, each to their own. It’s my favorite new show this season, and edged out my all-time favorite Chicago Cop Drama: Crime Story.

That’s crazy talk. Crime Story was way better.

I’ll be disappointed it it gets cancelled. The Chicago Code may not be a great show but it’s ten times better than Hawaii Five-O and that show’s a success.