Gaia GPS - R rated? huh?

I have a new iPhone (which I love!) and one of the new apps I got was GaiaGPS. This is a map program and the first time I downloaded it it came with a disclaimer about not being suitable for persons under 17. I thought it was some general liability thing and clicked OK and proceeded. I’ve since uploaded 2 updates which both came with this same strong warning. I’ve Chuck Yeagered this App and can’t find the un-PG stuff. Anyone?

ANY app not made by Apple which can access web sites has to carry the 17+ designation…because there’s adult stuff on the internet. The developers have been complaining about the stupidity of this for a while now.

Since the GQ has been neatly answered, may I hijack? What does this phrase mean & what’s its origin?

Never heard the expression myself, but considering who Chuck Yeager was (famous test pilot, if you don’t know), one would assume it to mean either “gave it a test run” or “done everything that can be done with it”.

Yep. I’ve heard it used (usually just as “Yeagered”) from a family friend who worked in the aerospace industry. He would also say “pushed the envelope” to mean the same thing.

Thanks for the answer.

Yep, that’s it.