Galactica 3/4 - Can it be true?

Sez here that BSG is about to leave its recent comfortable rut.[spoiler]Katee Sackhoff is looking for work.

The 26-year-old actress who portrays the fighter pilot Starbuck on the Sci Fi Channel’s “Battlestar Galactica” series won’t confirm rampant Internet rumors that her character will be killed in tomorrow night’s highly anticipated episode “Maelstrom.”

But Sackhoff will say that she’s currently negotiating to star in an unrelated independent film, that she’s not interested in doing new science-fiction projects, and that when she read tonight’s script last fall, she was “blown away.”

“No one is safe on this show,” she said during a recent interview. “I was shocked. This is a direction of the show that is going to cause some ripples.”

Adding to the mystery, executive producer Ron Moore said that Sackhoff completed her work for the current third season “well before” everyone else had finished filming in December. After tomorrow, there are three episodes left.[/spoiler]Oh, fraa-a-a-a-A-A-A-A-ack … Sob.

M’kay, here’s my spec, FWIW:Sackhoff’s leaving the show, yes - not because Starbuck gets killed, but because she’s going to go find Earth on her own, and get word back to the Fleet. Or maybe she’ll Ascend, like Daniel Jackson and Wesley Crusher. But the foreshadowing that she’s one of the enlightened Prophets or whatever they’re called is just too strong to ignoreIf true, though, we can’t deny that Moore set us up like bowling pins.

oh man, I thought to myself when I saw the previews for this episode, “Man, this is gonna be big” Hope I’m not right…

Without revealing the outcome of the episode:

Starbuck dies stupidly, recklessly, carelessly while flying when her CAG should have grounded her.

The plot worked emotionally, but crumbles when logic comes within a light-year or so.

The only reason Starbuck died was because her CO and CAG declined to protect her from herself. She should have been grounded after the first mission, and some other pilots assigned to the planetary CAP sorties. And why in Hell wouldn’t one build a wee bit more margin of error into the “hard deck”?

Lord(s of Kobol) know(s) that Starbuck presented many legitimate opportunities to be killed in battle, but this episode, on a tactical basis, was a stupid, witless, cheap, moronic way to do this. “Special Destiny” my ass.

Frakked-up as it was, it still worked.

The question now is how will Apollo work, deprived of his foil. It is a bit ham-handed to have Starbuck die the same way the Zac died: because the superior officer let personal feelings get in the way of what should have bewen a simple command decision: protect the pilot from himself/herself.