Galvanized pipe - do brass brass fittings need an adapter?

It’s been about twenty years since I worked with galvanized pipe (water line).

I seem to recall the pipe fittings (T’s and Elbows) have courser threads than brass fittings. I can’t seem to find a galvanized to brass adapter on Lowes or Home Depot’s web sites.

can this 3/4 in. Brass MPT x MHT Hose Adapter screw directly into a galvanized 3/4 elbow? Yes, I know MPT means Male Pipe Thread. But, is that for steel threads too?

Brass is such a softer metal. And their threads look much finer than steel pipe threads.

Pipe threads are all the same for steel, galv, brass, and plastic.

The only thing I remember for sure is not to used galvy fittings on black iron. But I never saw a difference in threads for pipe.

Ah, it was black pipe that’s different.

We have a older hardware store here that still cuts and threads pipe. I can tell them what length I need. I have threaded pipe myself thirty years ago. A manual threader that grandad had. Lots of oil and lots of elbow grease turning the cutter. Haven’t seen that tool in over 25 years.

True story: I once had to cut 6 pieces of 4" rigid conduit with a hacksaw (30 minutes per cut), then thread both ends with a pony threader. It took all 200 pounds of me to hold down the drive handle, and threw my skinny helper clean off. Biggest pain in the ass, ever.

Brass to galvy is pretty common. It’s copper to galvy that can’t be done as the copper will corrode from electrolysis.

Just put a couple wraps of Teflon tape on that brass adapter and snug it down,and all should be well.

The snag with black pipe it that it’s often threaded with a straight thread instead of the taper of a normal pipe thread. No idea where that convention came from.