Galvanized Yankees

Civil War Confederate POWs who were given their freedom after enlisting in the US Army to fight Indians. I read the book by Dee Brown. but I don’t know about ending their enlistment. Did the army ship them back to Arkansas, or did they dump them outside of a Wyoming fort with, “Good job, soldier!”?

In my family my Daddy’s grandfather was put on a train because he was sick with ‘ague’. He was put in a hospital in LR, where he got well and basically walked off when he was able. He walked all the way to Pike county. Nearly died that next winter. He finally got some better and was able to farm for a decade or so. Til his death he was afraid he was a deserter.o

Where the unit was mustered out depended on the unit, bit most of them were in US Volunteer Infantry units, and were mustered out at Leavenworth. When they were mustered out, like everyone else mustered out, they were expected to make their own way home.