Game of Thrones: Is the show caught up with the books now?

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and making a solid effort to avoid book spoilers. I hear rumblings now, though, that all the major plot points of the show have pretty much caught up with the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Is that more or less the case?

I ask because I probably won’t read the books, but would be interested in hearing a bit about what was changed, what was excised, and some of the other lore of the world. Is it now more or less safe to talk to the book readers about such things now?

EDIT: I’m asking in a new thread because the show thread specifically forbids discussing the books at all, and I don’t want to ask in the book threads if that will expose me to spoilers.

Generally yes. One or two things have not happened on the show yet, some characters may or may not be written out and one or two storylines have gone beyond the books now.

Unless the sixth book is published in the interim the next season will see book readers and unsullied on the same err page.

There are a couple of major plots from the books that it seems will not appear in the show and a lot of points where the show has diverged from the books.


Lady Stoneheart
Ser Kevans assasination by Varys
The whole Jon Connington and Aegon Targaryon plot

I think the last two might still happen

Considering some of the casting announcements for next season, no, it’s not caught up. Although they might change that story until it’s unrecognizable like Dorne this season.

This is a helpful article:

Unspoilered because if you’re in this thread you know what lies ahead. That said, I’m not going to actually spoil spoil anything.
Jon’s storyline: Caught up to books.
Arya’s storyline: NOT caught up to the books
Sam’s storyline: NOT caught up to the books.
Cersei’s storyline: Caught up to the books.
Sansa’s storyline: Massively changed from the books. Caught up, based upon the changes made.
Dany’s storyline: Caught up to the books.
Tyrion’s storyline: Moderately changed from the books. Past the books.
Jaime/Dorne’s storyline: An epic clusterfuck of changes. No fucking clue where we are or where we’re going but I’ll just say there’s more to tell.
Brienne’s storyline: Massively changed from the book. I guess we’re caught up but it’s really hard to compare.
Greyjoy storyline: Changed from the books. May be brought up next year.

Is that everyone?

I’ll actually put in spoilers for two more. Read at your own risk.

[spoiler]Stannis’s storyline: he’s not been shown as killed in either the books or the show. I choose to believe he’s still alive and there’s more tale to tell.

Lady Stoneheart’s storyline: I held out high hopes for so long. But I’m giving up on seeing her appear in the show.[/spoiler]

ETA: oh yeah. Bran’s storyline. Was caught up to the books by end of Season 4. On hiatus until season 6.
Gendry’s storyline: Still rowing. Row on, you crazy diamond. I know you’ll hit land soon.

General King’s Landing storyline: Not caught up.

The whole Kevan and Grand Maester Pycelle getting themselves killed and stuff

Bran’s not quite caught up.

Thank you for the detailed rundown. At this point the two seem caught up enough that I won’t fear spoilers and take a look at what the book readers think of the show. Thanks!

Though, to be fair, the general King’s Landing stuff I said that wasn’t caught up is a MASSIVE event.