[GAME] The Game about [GAME] threads

There are at least 42 ideas for [GAME] threads which haven’t yet been started in The Game Room. Rather than starting all 42, I suggest we just start by listing possible [GAMES].

To qualify, the suggested GAME must appear to be at least as fun (or funny) as half the GAMES currently in progress. If we can agree on a winner, I hope we start that winning GAME as its own GAME thread. (I don’t know how votes here should be tabulated; perhaps that decision could somehow be made the result of a separate GAME.)

For my starting nomination:
[GAME] Meet Marie of Edinburgh at Mornington Crescent Station
This would combine two of the best GAMES ever: The genealogical version of Mornington Crescent, won by Tom Scud in November 2010 and the subway game from which it was derived. Dopers are now so expert in these games that there’ve been no further threads. But I think being forced to meet the Romanian Queen at a specific station would increase the challenge considerably.

More nominations, please.