Gamers, which vintage firearm?

First an apology, i’m not an online gamer but i do browse a lot of them shooting games and i see a lot of vintage guns being used in combat. No doubt a lot of consultation was done with shooting experts. So what weapon tweaks your interest enough to go out and look fir the real thing?

With me, i like the idea of a tactical double barrel Holland and Holland in 500 nitro express. Good for blasting outsized zombies or sentient bears or tigers. Unfortunately, the only thing that nade the weapon tactical was the addition of an optical red dot sight.

The most impirtant change to a S-S rifle to make it tactical is to chamfer the chamber mouths, along with the extractor, to allow loading two rounds simultaneously using a moon clip that’ll speed up reloads a bit second is to add some porting on the barrels (tricky.) Third is a longer fore end for greater protection for the barrels and better handling. Well,tactical-themed engraving on the steel with hard chroming throughout will also be nice.