Games in Win 10?

In my Win7 computer is a set of MS games including three I play regularly (Free Cell and the two Solitaires). I also have a Win-10 Surface that I use for travel, but it has no games preloaded. It does have some preloaded crapware, one of which I had to unload to get Skype to work. If I accept the upgrade to Win 10, will I lose the games on my computer?

Yes (although you’ll get an ad-supported version of FreeCell with Win10), but you can reinstall them from here.

Looking through my Win10 machine, I see I have a program called “Microsoft Solitaire.” This is apparently the replacement for the Win7 solitaire apps.

As for Freecell, I believe that there are quite a few websites devoted to re-creating the game as something you can play in your browser. That may not be what you were looking for, though.

google “Windows 7 games for Windows 10” (or “spider” instead of “games”)

Not sure about 7->10, but I still have quite old versions of the MS-Windows games (from XP if not before) running under 7. I had to copy a library file (cards.dll) plus the games but they work fine.

Copy the old games and try running them. If you get a dll error, lookup what you need and copy that into the same directory as the games.

Another reason not to “upgrade”. Thanks.

You’ll lose the Windows 7 versions, but get the Windows 10 version, which is called Microsoft Solitaire Collection. I did not notice ads in the regular play, but I didn’t use it often.

You do lose all the other games, though. You’re expected to pick up equivalents from the App Store. The only one without anything seems to be Purble Place, though I’m sure you could find separate games that mimic all the minigames within.

Or, yes, just install the Windows 7 games in Windows 10.