Games in Wisconsin casinos

Hmmm, my O.P. disappeared. So here’s my question again. Indian casinos in Wisconsin are allowed by an agreement with the state to offer only two games: slots and blackjack. Why? What makes those two games any different from craps, roulette, and other casino games?

I was going to say something about blackjack requiring a bit of skill to play, whereas most other games are pure luck. But, slots are obviously pure luck too, but they’re allowed.

Maybe a cite of the agreement/law, if you can find it, would help. The reason might be stated in there, or it might imply a reason.

Maybe that’s just what was negotiated, simple as that.

What about Bingo?

Because those are the two games decided on by the State officials?

If it’s like Minnesota, that’s just the way it is. The question isn’t how they are different, but how they arrived at those particular two. I would guess that’s it because slots and blackjack make them the most money.

Slots is (slots are?) the only game where the payout can be absolutely regulated, by setting the tumblers or electronic codes or whatever slot machines have in them these days. In Missouri, slot machines are required to pay back at least 90% of the take, and several of the casinos around here have advertised that their slots pay out 95%, 96% or whatever.

The casino I work at in the Midwest is not allowed to run keno. My state runs a lottery game similar to keno and they didn’t wasn’t any competition.

I’d SWAG that the Wisconsin State Gaming Commission decided that the other table games had worse odds to win than blackjack and want to “protect” their citizens from losing all their money trying to beat these games.

Sorry for the double negative contractions there. didn’t want is what I meant. We also aren’t allowed to conduct sports betting. The dog tracks around the state lobbied against that.