Games involving house exploration (first person, modern graphics)

Just finished What remains of Edith Finch, which consists mostly of exploring a house during which a story unfolds. Beautiful game, and I love the realistic graphics of an abandoned house. Earlier I played through the Tomb Raider reboot games (2013-) where the two later instalments also have a section where you explore Croft Manor. I realised that I love walking around in a large house in such games, where thanks to modern graphics you are presented with a life-like environment with lots of details to look at, even if they aren’t all relevant to the story. Similarly Gone Home, although the graphics there were of course not as good, being an older game.

That makes me wonder: do you know other games where you explore a realistic house in first person mode, with modern graphics? I do not mean games like Hitman, where the house is graphically impressive but clearly only a backdrop, with limited detail, as the focus is on the kill.

Are you only looking for recent or photorealistic games? Eg wasn’t The 7th Guest in first person and with 3-D graphics?

I’m looking for fairly recent games. The 7th Guest, if I recall correctly, didn’t allow free movement in the way modern games do, it was just a collection of pictures. There is something special about being able to move around.

Gone Home is a few years old but should satisfy that niche.

Visage is a creepy house exploration game. Though I only played it for a few hours before I got sidetracked, so I’m not sure if it’s entirely in the house or not. It’s on game pass.

Not the same as a house, but Titanic HG is a spectacularly detailed game exploration of the Titanic.

You could try Homesick.

A game very similar to Edith Finch, but not about exploring a home (instead you explore a landscape), is The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter.

A game I would recommend in a similar vein is also not about exploring a home, called Eastshade.

Others I liked along the same lines are Dear Esther, The Room, and Maize.

Thanks for the recommendations! Apparently there are far fewer games in this vein than I expected, the other suggestions look interesting, though. I’ll check the out.

Maybe it is not the most popular genre (that would be e-sports?), but I am sure there are a few more. The problem is, for some of them the name eludes me at the moment, and others I have not played (House of Da Vinci, for instance)

That was a good one. I played through it when it was available via Xbox Live Gold. Super creepy and great puzzles.