games without frontiers

Does anyone know what the song “Games without frontiers” by Peter Gabriel is referring to? Do the names mean anything specific?

From A New Peter Gabriel FAQ:

He uses it as a thinly veiled metaphor (very thinly; it’s hardly a metaphor at all) for the need for people of different backgrounds to “play nice” together.

FWIW, the chorus jeux sans frontieres is French for “games without frontiers” and is sung by the young and talented Miss Kate Bush.

lissener, the line isn’t “jeux sans frontieres” - it’s “she’s so funky, yea.” Sheesh! Everybody knows that! :wink:

I always thought the chorus was either “She’s so punctual” or “She’s so hot for me.” Depending on my mood at the time. Killer song, though.

I love interpretive music.

“Excuse me, while I kiss this guy …”

FYI-“frontiere” in French translates as border or frontier, as in “boundary between counties”, and doesn’t refer to “frontier” as in “wild west” (which is how it’s usually used in American English).

Yup, went into that a bit here:

He’s talking about Asheron’s Call which, unlike Everquest, is not divided up into ‘zones’.